Our company offers FS (Feasibility Study) support, basic design, detailed design, equipment procurement, quality control, construction work, regular maintenance & repair services, and other various skills honed through diverse experiences. We provide these services based on customer requirements, along with our unique proposals.

Design (Engineering)

Based on customer requirements, we offer design technology that includes FS (Feasibility Study) support services, along with our unique proposals. We utilize design tools such as 3D CAD to carry out optimal designs that meet customer needs. With the latest technologies like 3D scanners and VR technology, it's also possible to conduct efficient detailed designs. Furthermore, we address various stand-alone equipment, special equipment such as combustion furnaces and sulfuric acid plant equipment, and high-temperature HTS heat medium equipment, etc., through our specialized groups and teams. Please feel free to consult with us.

Main Design Tools

  • For Process Design: Process simulators, chemical engineering calculations for heat exchangers, tray chemical engineering calculation software
  • For Layout and Piping Design: AUTO-PIPE® and various 3D CADs, 3D scanners, VR (Virtual Reality)
  • Strength Calculation Software: TOSCA-TW (High-pressure gas specific equipment strength calculation software), CADTOOL (structural calculation software), JPI topple-over calculation software (in-house development)


In plants constructed with numerous pieces of equipment, based on detailed designs, we select the most suitable vendors capable of meeting the project's requirements. We ensure the procurement of machinery, equipment, parts, and materials is carried out 'reliably,' 'cost-effectively,' and 'swiftly.'

Quality Assurance

The plant equipment we handle spans a wide range of fields including oil, coal, chemistry, energy, research institutions, and public agencies. The process fluids handled in these facilities often pose high risks due to their flammability, toxicity, corrosiveness, and high pressure. We have a responsibility to design, procure, and construct according to strict legal regulations (Fire Service Act, High Pressure Gas Safety Act, Industrial Safety and Health Act, Electricity Business Act, etc.), ensuring the delivery of safe and high-quality equipment to our customers. At our company, we strive daily to manage the quality of design, procurement items, and construction work to provide products that meet contract specifications, legal regulations, and internal standards, thereby ensuring high customer satisfaction.


At our company, experienced construction staff are involved from the engineering stage for all construction work required for plant construction. We create and implement construction plans that assure customers' satisfaction and peace of mind in terms of safety, quality, schedule, and cost. Furthermore, at our centers nationwide, we have extensive experience with existing plants, including renovation and enhancement work, regular maintenance work during plant shutdowns, and routine maintenance work during operation, for which we have received high praise from our customers.