We sell compact video cameras with heat resistance ranging from -100℃ to 1200℃. They can be used without water cooling or air cooling systems, and no installation work is required.

Heat-Resistant Camera (ML Series)

It's a compact heat-resistant camera designed without the use of water or air cooling.

The Heat-Resistant Camera (ML Series) is a video camera equipped with heat resistance up to 1200℃, made possible by special insulating materials.
It can record high-temperature environments such as constant temperature baths and furnaces without the need for installation work.

  • Main Features

    • ・Heat resistance from -100℃ to 1200℃
    • ・Compact design that does not require water or air cooling
    • ・No installation work required
    • ・Video recorded on storage media
    • ・Built-in heat-resistant LED light
    • ・Wide range of lenses available, from wide-angle to telephoto
  • Heat Resistance and Continuous Usage Time

    Product Name Heat Resistance Continuous Usage Time
    ML-0100 100℃ 8 hours
    ML-0200 200℃ 2 hours
    ML-0300 300℃ 2 hours
    ML-0500 500℃ 2 hours
    ML-1200 1200℃ 2 hours

    In accordance with the actual environment where the heat-resistant camera will be used, modifications such as continuous usage time are possible.
    We also have experience in various other customizations, so please feel free to consult us.


Heat-Resistant Camera Configuration Diagram


Various Types of Lenses


Recording Media

  • Standard Specifications

    Dimensions & Weight (Camera Head) Outer diameter 32-46mm x length 70-110mm, about 52-220g
    Dimensions & Weight (Controller) 118mm x 58mm x 33mm, about 212g (including battery)
    Camera Heat Resistance Temperature Choice of 100°C, 200°C, 300°C, 500°C, 1200°C (option of -100°C)
    Camera Water and Dust Resistance IP68, waterproof up to 3m depth, dustproof
    Built-in LED 4 lights with 2 brightness levels, illumination distance within about 5m
    Image Sensor CMOS 5.0Mega Pixels 1/2.5 inch
    Total Pixels for Video Recording 1080P (1920 x 1080)
    Video Output Terminals HDMI, USB2.0, AV
    Power Lithium-ion battery 4000mAh, and AC100V-240V
    Continuous Recording Time (With LED On) Included battery about 6 hours continuous recording, external battery can record about 20 hours
    Charging Time Standard battery 5 hours
    Recording Media Up to 2TB SDXC card

    Product specifications are subject to change without notice.


Case 1: Fire Photography by Firefighters

We installed a heat-resistant camera in a firefighter training device. Although the temperature inside the device exceeds 300°C in some upper parts, it can clearly capture the condition of dense smoke and flames, proving useful in training.

Case 2: Furnace Monitoring

We have delivered many small heat-resistant cameras for the purpose of furnace monitoring. We have received feedback from customers stating that they were able to quickly detect anomalies using the camera images at the site, and they were able to reduce the frequency of regular inspections.


Interior footage of dense smoke and hot air live fire training (filmed 2 meters from the source of the fire)

Application Fields Purpose Heat Resistance Temperature
Environmental Incinerator Monitoring 300℃
Steel Manufacturing Product Test Constant Temperature Bath Filming 200℃
Petrochemical Regular Inspection of Production Equipment 300℃
Food Industry Filming Inside Production Process Kettles 100℃
Automotive Product Test Constant Temperature Bath Filming 500℃
Aviation Jet Engine Development 1200℃


The heat-resistant camera may malfunction or fail in the presence of oxygen, flammable gases, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, etc., in the atmosphere. However, our company has experience in addressing a wide variety of customer requests even in environments where adverse effects are anticipated, using methods such as material changes and the creation of protective cases. We also conduct tests in customer usage environments, so please feel free to consult with us.



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Wearable Heat-Resistant Camera

It is a wearable camera equipped with heat resistance capabilities of up to 300°C.

Image illustration of disaster site

Main Features

  • ・By attaching the small heat-resistant camera to a helmet, firefighters can record the fire scene from their perspective without compromising mobility.
  • ・The video is recorded on storage media.
  • ・The camera can be easily attached to the helmet using an attachment.
  • Standard Specifications

    Camera Head Diameter About 30mm
    Camera Weight About 330g
    Heat Resistant Usage Time Continuous 120 minutes
    Camera, Cable Operating Temperature -50℃ to 300℃
    Camera Controller Operating Temperature 0℃ to 60℃
    Image Sensor CMOS 5.0 Mega Pixels 1/2.3 inch
    Total Pixels for Video Recording 1080P (1920 x 1080)
    Video Output Terminals HDMI, USB2.0, AV
    Battery Performance Continuous recording time of about 2 hours
    Recording Media Up to 2TB SDXC card
    File Format Still Image: JPEG, Video: MOV
    Zoom Up to 4x Digital Zoom
    Camera Controller Power AC Adapter 100V-240V, Included Lithium-Ion Battery


We also conduct tests in customer usage environments. For demos and quotations, please contact the following office.

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